Buying Her

Bringing sex buyers out of the shadows

Men who purchase sex are the root of sex trafficking. Buying Her tackles this critical injustice as the first documentary ever to explore the lives of sex buyers and what drives them.   

Viewer discretion advised •  2023
61 min
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Buying Her

World Tour

Men's Workshops (USA Only)

Join experts and leaders for a one-day men's workshop called For Men: Telling a Better Story about Masculinity, focusing on overcoming shame, building community and investigating the personal and social impacts of pornography.


All screenings will be followed by a panel discussion with leaders and experts in the anti-trafficking field.
Behind the scenes of filming
Endorsements ✅
Dr. Harvey Schwartz, Renowned clinical psychologist

I wanted to react to Buying Her while the tears were still streaming down my face. It is superb. It is moving. It is honest. Brutally honest and without hype or gratuitousness… I am, in a word, blown away by the film…”

Doug Bennett, Founder of Magdalene Hope

...the most impactful film that I have ever seen on sex trafficking.

Michal, Sex trafficking survivor

The movie was incredible... I just wept.

Buying Her Premiere Attendee

This is a very necessary film. It is very powerful to hear from the side of men that are participating and fueling it

Buying Her Premiere Attendee

It was definitely a powerful, needed film. Brings back the human element.

Buying Her Premiere Attendee

Convicting. Thoughtful. Eye Opening. Stunning. Gripping. Necessary.

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Behind the scenes


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